What Is the FlyLady Cleaning Method?

FlyLady Cleaning Method: Finding the time to thoroughly clean your home is never easy. Whether it’s sorting through stacks of books and magazines, or figuring out the best way to organize your closet and kitchen cabinets, it may seem impossible to get your house back in top shape. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of ​​spending an entire day cleaning up your space, a new smart approach that’s taking Pinterest by storm might be for you. The FlyLady cleaning method, named after the specialist organization Marla Cilley, aka FlyLady, calls people to manage their cleaning tasks in 15-minute increments.

What Is the FlyLady Cleaning Method?
What Is the FlyLady Cleaning Method?

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What is the FlyLady cleaning method?

The idea behind the FlyLady approach is that cleaning your space should not be a rushed and stressful process. Breaking it up into smaller tasks makes it easier to manage, giving you a sense of peace. For example, you can start by cleaning your sink for only 15 minutes a day, and you will progress over time by adding more to your routine. You’ll also be more likely to maintain the areas you’ve cleaned, according to Cilley. And if you need more motivation, the FlyLady Messenger app offers reminders, daily messages and testimonials from people who swear by the cleaning method.

An example of a FlyLady cleaning program:

The FlyLady website has a multitude of examples of cleaning routines to get you started. Take Cilley’s morning routine, for example. Once awake, make your bed, take a shower and clean it to make the most of your time. You will then do your hair, make up and quickly clean the toilet. Once you’re done in the bathroom, put a load of laundry. If your kitchen does not need to be cleaned, empty the dishwasher, prepare breakfast and feed your animals.

At this point, you will start thinking about the rest of your day. Review your calendar, make a to-do list and plan what you will eat for dinner. Then take a few minutes to review your bank account and put your load of clothes in the dryer. Finish your morning routine by considering yourself (yes, personal care is just as important). Do not forget to take your vitamins and medicines, relax and have breakfast. If you like to meditate, do it too. End your morning by checking your email and must-have websites to help you get started for the day.


FlyLady cleaning zones:

Another key element of the FlyLady cleaning method is the concept of zones. The FlyLady suggests dividing your home into five different areas. The first week of the month is dedicated to zone one. Set aside 15 minutes a day to eliminate any clutter that has accumulated throughout your home. Proceed to zone two, where you will be cooking for 15 minutes a day, usually for the first full week of the month. The third area – the second full week of the month – requires focusing on your bathroom and another room, such as a home office, a DIY space, or a kids’ room. Zone Four, which falls under the third full week of the month, is the time to get your bedroom, bathroom and closet in order. Finally, zone five is the time to address your living room. It is the fifth week of the month and usually only lasts a few days, as zones one and five occur in the same week. With each zone, remember that you only clean for 15 minutes a day, which FlyLady says should work around a week or so after the routine begins.

Be patient:

With a full schedule, which can include caring for your children and meeting work obligations, cleaning your home shouldn’t be a burden. Working slowly in your household chores taking a practical approach, like the FlyLady cleaning method, is worth considering. The Pinners certainly think so.


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