Whirlpool launches Swash superconcentrated laundry detergent

A single squeeze provides enough concentrate for one load.


Appliance-maker Whirlpool now has a new brand of liquid laundry detergent, announced Wednesday. Called Swash, the concentrated soap comes in 30-ounce (0.9-liter) bottles. Whirlpool says that’s enough for 83 standard washing-machine loads, making it eight times more concentrated than ordinary detergent.

You’ll have three scents to choose from this December.


One bottle-squeeze provides just enough detergent for one load, but you can also use the bottle’s cap to measure the liquid. According to Whirlpool, using the exact amount gives enhanced cleaning performance. 

The company explains that more soap is not better: In fact, excess detergent leads to buildup of residue both on fabrics and inside your washing machine. That hinders optimal stain removal and can harm your washer in the long term. 

Right now Whirlpool Swash is available exclusively through Amazon ($16 per bottle) and comes in two scents: Free and Clear, and Pure Linen. A third scent, Simply Sunrise, should arrive by December. Swash is compatible with standard as well as High Efficiency (HE) washers. 

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