Whirlpool WFG505M0BS Freestanding Gas Range Review

What We Enjoy

Five SpeedHeat burners

Independent broiler

Heats quickly

Comes with dishwasher-safe griddle

Full-width cast-iron grates make it Simple to slide pans and pots



What We Do Not Like

Simple to inadvertently turn leftovers on

Digital timer is finicky

No self-clean setting

A stove –if electrical or gasoline –is one of the very crucial appliances in almost any kitchen. Since they are costly and vary widely in characteristics, however, it is unquestionably a buy you will want to thoroughly investigate. If you are partial to gasoline versions, you will want to have a look at the Whirlpool WFG505M0BS, a reasonably priced and sized stove with five burners, another broiler, plus a two-rack oven. We analyzed the appliance at our house to see how it held up to daily meal prep and intermittent entertaining. Continue reading for our entire evaluation of this Whirlpool’s installation procedure, design, functionality, cost, and much more.

Whirlpool WFG505M0BS Freestanding Gas Range Review
Whirlpool WFG505M0BS Freestanding Gas Range Review

Installation Process: Pretty easy, but no doubt in leaving it into an expert

In case you’ve got basic handyman skills, the Whirlpool WFG505M0BS is not tricky to establish. Nevertheless, gas is harmful and needs to be treated with particular care, so if you are confused or uncomfortable in any way, it is ideal to call in an expert. Based on where you obtain the range, setup of this new appliance and removal of your old appliance might also be contained.

Since we did not recognize that our gasoline accessibility did not have a suitable valve before the Whirlpool has been delivered, my husband and I had been left to put in the stove ourselves. Fortunately, all we needed to do was step the tube and create a fast visit to the hardware store to pick up the appropriate $10 piece.

After we obtained the valve setup, the remaining portion of the procedure was simple and helped by the included documentation. We needed to tighten the hose into the valve and cooker body, then fortify the seal using Teflon tape. When establishing the range 1 thing to remember is where the nearest outlet is. Though it’s fueled by gasoline, you still need to have power to power the screen. Ours was a little further away than the power cord could achieve, but a brief extension cable remedied the matter.

The Whirlpool’s edge-to-edge cast iron grates are hardy and spacious so that you are able to juggle a huge pot of spaghetti while also preparing sauce and meatballs.

When the cooker is hooked up to a gas line, there is not much else to perform. The electronic panel front is instinctive and you do not actually want the directions to determine how to set up the clockturn on the oven, or set a timer, even although the latter proves as it jumps up in 5-minute increments till you reach 60 minutes at which point it jumps by the hour (with no moving back).

The remainder of the installation process only involved dusting off the surface, washing the griddle, putting the cast iron on top of the cooker, and correcting the oven stands as necessary. To make certain your range functions properly, in addition, it is crucial that you inspect its levelness. To do so, we put a degree –as instructed from the consumer manual–about the racks within the oven. If the range is not flat, you may use pliers and combs to correct its legs.

Caution callout: if you’re planning to possess the Whirlpool installed by technicians upon delivery, then make certain to have the following available: a fresh gas bend link kit, a natural gas line, a three-prong socket near where you are installing the stove, and a gas shut-off right behind the scope. It’s also wise to unplug your old appliance and have it prepared for elimination.

Style: A Fantastic match for any kitchen

Once safely set up between our counter and cabinet, the mid sized 29.88 x 46.25 x 27.2-inch Whirlpool seemed just like a natural match for our kitchen. The scope is available in black, white, and black-on-stainless metal. We went with the latter because the stainless steel functioned well with all the charcoal trim and grey undertones of the space. Since the alloy is fingerprint-resistant, in addition, it manages to remain much cleaner compared to our previous white selection.

The Spruce / Linnea Covington

Regardless of which complete you opt for, edge-to-edge cast iron grates help protect the stovetop from clogs. Given we cook a good deal of cheese-spiked eggs and sauteed veggies with olive oil, the grates’ capacity to protect against some of our mess out of adhering into the stovetop proved powerful helpful. In addition, we appreciate the grates are secure and heavy; you may slip pots and pans together with all five beers without the anxiety of these grates slipping or sliding. When you are done cooking, then you could even pluck them directly off the stovetop to provide a thing a wipedown.

The electronic display and control panel are equally intuitive and straightforward. You will find buttons such as bake, broil, begin, cancel, timer, oven light, and clock. Additionally, there are down and up arrows so that you may correct your time and temperature. Within the 5.1-cubic-foot oven, you will find two racks that you may set in five distinct positions. The user guide has indicated positions based on what you are making be it a layer cake, big roast, or casserole.

On the front part of the stove, there are five normal knobs that control the burners and around the base of the stove, there is a broiler drawer. When this means that you can not shake baking sheets and cake pans there, it will mean that you get a safe area to brown gruyere on a bowl of French onion soup or toast a fresh loaf of garlic bread.

Burner Performance: A lot of BTUs

The Whirlpool WFG505M0BS heats just like a fantasy. The stovetop is outfitted with five beers that vary from 5,000 to 15,000 BTUs. The latter is exactly what Whirlpool calls Ability Burners; positioned at the front corners of this stove, they are fantastic for frying, searing, and quickly boiling water (our tea kettle took seven minutes to whistle). Both backpacks, which can be 5,000 and 9,500 BTUs, are perfect for simmering, and there is also an 8,000-BTU center burner. The middle burner features flexibility in pan and pot positioning and we all found it especially helpful when creating bacon as we could cook it with no splattering fat across the other breakfast things we’d waiting on the countertops.

The Whirlpool’s edge-to-edge cast iron grates are hardy and spacious so that you are able to juggle a huge pot of spaghetti while also preparing sauce and meatballs. The range also has a griddle that you may fix over the left or right burners. As it is also cast iron, you get even heat throughout. We cooked grilled cheeses for the entire family and our children deemed us the”finest grilled cheese manufacturers on the planet.”

The burners are very simple to mild; all you want to do is twist the corresponding dial, await the click of the ignited fire, then flip it according to your preferred heart. Our only criticism is that the dials are rather simple to turn on should you accidentally bump them along with your buttocks or cool as you hit over the cooker to put dishes away or grab a bite from the cabinet. In case you have little ones who like to get everything, you’ll certainly need to pick up some security knob covers.

Oven Performance: Quick and heat

Though this oven does not outperform additional stoves, it does heat evenly and faithfully. In all our recipe evaluations –such as a spoonful of pumpkin bran, a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies, along with a sheet pan dinner of chicken and veggies–that the Whirlpool remained true to cook and temperature time recommendations. We did not find just one hot or cool place.

The Whirlpool WFG505M0BS heats just like a fantasy.

Should you discover that your oven is heating too fast or too slow, then it’s simple to calibrate. To begin with, you will want to assess what temperature the machine is warming to. To do so, place your oven to 350 degrees, place an oven thermometer on the center rack, and be certain to provide the toaster time to completely preheat. If your thermometer accounts a fever at the 340- to the 360-degree selection, you should be all good. (Try reading the thermometer through the doorway as temperatures can fall significantly once you open it) But when the temperature is over 10 levels above or below your goal, you will want to fix it.

The user guide provides directions with this; you press and hold the Bake button 5 minutes until the oven reveals 00. You may then press the up or down arrows to increase or reduce the temperature by 10. The maximum amount you may fix is to -30 or +30 levels; then you press the Start button to store your changes.

Another simpler way you’ll be able to control warmth is by simply altering the place of your stand. The oven includes two racks that could be placed in five distinct ways. Again, the consumer guide offers handy tips for where to place the rack based on what you are creating make it muffins, a complete turkey, or even a pizza.

While the Whirlpool does not have convection cooking or a inside broiler, it will possess a roomy broiler drawer beneath the oven. Sadly, this means there is no space to keep baking sheets and muffin tins, however, it’s beneficial for crisping items such as bread and french fries or more exactly cooking pork chops and thick ham pieces. It is possible to preheat the broiler and also consult the user guide for the proposed rack place (there are two) in addition to cook time.

Cleaning: No self-cleaning alternative, but simple enough

Most ovens offer you a self-cleaning setting, but maybe not the Whirlpool WFG505M0BS Gas Range. While the oven needs to be manually cleaned, it’s not difficult to eliminate the underside grease tray so as to give it a clean wash. The actual thing here is simply to be certain that you wash messes straight away, like food scraps and dripped liquids do not bake on and eventually become impossible to eliminate.

In terms of the remainder of the cooker, it is not overly difficult to keep it sparkling. When the range stinks you can eliminate the cast iron grates, spray on the stovetop with a gentle cleanser, and wipe it down with paper towels. When the knobs get especially fatty, you may even eliminate them (by pulling them directly towards you) and wash them in warm soapy water.

Cost: Great deal for an easy cooker

Whirlpool’s WFG505M0BS retails for $750 total cost. While that is no small amount, it’s cheap to get a cooker. Sure it does not have a lot of fancy features, but its cost is reflective of everything it will provide: rapid, dependable cooking. The scope also has a 1-year guarantee so that you’re protected against flaws.

Competition: Plenty of reliable brands–and whistles and bells –to Pick from

GE JGB700SEJSS Gas Range: GE’s gas stove retails for about $400 over Whirlpool’s however, it will have a couple of additional features too. The range includes a convection oven, the largest fully integrated griddle available on the current market, a Steam self-cleaning setting, and an 18,000 BTU power burner. The scope is a bit bigger than Whirlpool–it is 30 x 47.3 x 28.8 inches–so you will need extra space, however, it’s also offered in many of glossy finishes such as stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant slate, along black stainless steel.


Samsung NX58H5600SS Gas Range: This 5.8-cubic-foot range is very similar to Whirlpool’s because it provides five beers plus a removable griddle. Where it exceeds the competition, however, is in its inclusion of convection cooking. The 1,100 range also includes a proofing setting, a Sabbath style, a self cleaning mode, and a bottom drawer is merely that–space for storage as opposed to a broiler.


Frigidaire FCRG3052AS Gas Range: Frigidaire’s offering is very like Whirlpool’s. The 5-cubic-foot appliance provides five burners (ranging from 5,000 to 16,000 BTUs), two oven racks (with five distinct places ), and edge-to-edge grates that enable you to easily move pots and pans throughout the stovetop. The range’s center burner has been elongated to accommodate to a griddle, however, Frigidaire’s range does not come with one such as Whirlpool does. 1 major difference between the versions is that Frigidaire’s array comes with a storage drawer to the underside compared to some broiler drawer.

It is a solid and affordable option.

Whirlpool’s WFG505M0BS is a trusted gas stove. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles (no self-cleaning style or convection oven), but it is also not priced as such. If you’re searching for an appliance that is slick, smartly designed, and fast to warm it up won’t disappoint.

The Whirlpool WFG505M0BS Freestanding Gas Range is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. The oven and broiler drawer preheats fast and Whirlpool’s SpeedHeat burners get food cooking fine and quick.