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Tool: ZEROPLAY Miter Bar [Buy Now]

Producer: Microjig

MSRP: $ 35.95

A cross-cut slide it’s one of the most comfortable jigs you can build for your table saw, but making runners is a fussy job. They need to fit snugly into the oblique slots, but still be loose enough to slide. This requires a tolerance of only a few thousandths of an inch on the runner’s length. The folks at Micro-jig have made this task a lot easier for you.

Their ZeroPlay guide bars come in two parts: an upper and a lower. The mating surfaces of the bars have a series of opposing wedges molded into them. To resize each bar, place the bottom in the top corner slot against a stop, provided. Then push the top bar along the bottom bar and the whole unit expands. When the guide bar fits snugly into the corner slot, tighten the parts together with three set screws and you are good to go. The bars have threaded inserts for machine screws, which you will use to mount the slide on the bars. Aligning the holes in the sled with the inserts will require precise drilling.

ZeroPlay bars are made of Noryl, a reinforced plastic nylon. Unlike solid wood bars, which can fit tightly in summer and loosen in winter, these bars will always give your sled a smooth, wobble-free action.

ZeroPlay Bars are designed for 3/4 ″ wide slots. Included with the bars are plans for a small part cutting sled with a small part baffle and a small part splice jig for the router table.

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