Wisdom Panel’s new dog breed detection system uses AI to ID your pup


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Wisdom Panel on Wednesday announced a new breed detection system for its BCSYS dog DNA test kits. BCSYS, which stands for Breed Classification System, offers “the most accurate and comprehensive genetic testing for dogs currently available,” the pet genetics company claims. The Wisdom Panel Essential ($100, £90) and Wisdom Panel Premium kits ($160, £140) now use the BCSYS system to test your dog’s DNA makeup. (The kits aren’t available in Australia, but the essential kit price converts to about AU$170.)

BCSYS relies on “AI methods” and a database of “over 2.5 million dogs tested across more than 50 countries and six continents” to arrive at a reference panel of 21,000 samples and 351 dog breeds, according to Wisdom Panel’s official press release. Essentially, the tech draws from a massive database of dog breeds. Once a test is received, it’s run through the system to match the reference samples to your dog. 

I asked Wisdom Panel for more details on those “AI methods,” as well as what the company does with the DNA information after each test, but haven’t heard back yet. 

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Both the Wisdom Panel Essential and the Wisdom Panel Premium kits test for breed mix and potential health risks associated with those breeds. The Premium kit conducts more health screenings and provides information on weight, mobility, possible sensitivities to certain medications and more. You’ll also get a consultation with a vet if the DNA results reveal any major health concerns. 

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Here’s how the kits are supposed to work: Swab the inside of your pet’s cheek and gums for 15 seconds with both of the provided swabs. Let them dry for at least five minutes and return them to the packaging. Mail the swabs back and create an account online. In two to three weeks, you should get an email letting you know your pet’s results are ready. Wisdom Panel says its tests are over 98% accurate. Get more info about the Wisdom Panel test procedure here. 

We haven’t tested out Wisdom Panel’s new kits, but check back soon for updates on how the company’s claims match up to our experience. 

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The Wisdom Panel Essential kit is currently $80 ($20 off) and the Wisdom Panel Premium kit is $128 ($32 off). Wisdom Panel also makes a $130 Complete for Cats kit, as well as specialized testing for dog ($130) and cat breeders ($100). None of these kits use the BCSYS system. 

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