Women Are Dieting Less But Eating More Healthy Foods According To New Better Homes & Gardens Food Factor Study

Women Are Dieting Less But Eating More Healthy Foods: Women are eating less, but are eating more healthy food according to the Factor Study of New Better Homes and Gardens Foods

Des Moonis, Iowa, January 24, 2017, / PRNewswire / – Better Homes & Gardens, Meredith Corporation’s flagship lifestyle, home, and food brand, today announced the findings Food Factor: The Evolution of Eats, A nationwide survey conducted among American women. The study gave a comprehensive look at women’s motivation, behavior, and attitudes related to food, including cooking, shopping, and eating.

Women Are Dieting Less But Eating More Healthy Foods
Women Are Dieting Less But Eating More Healthy Foods

Overall, the study found that women are making more sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes from specific diets, trends, and strategies. In fact, while two-thirds of women said they and their families have been eating healthy in the last two years, just over half say they do not follow a specific diet but what and how they ate recently, Has made significant modifications in it.

“While women remain health-conscious, their approach to their diet has changed,” says Nancy Hopkins senior Food Editor Better Homes & Gardens, “These women no longer want short-term solutions from diet-fed and tricks; they want to make meaningful changes that will eliminate them during their lives.”

This new approach has led to major changes in dieting over the past two years:

  • 63 percent of women are now focusing on eating healthy foods in general, compared to only 50 percent in 2014
  • Only 27 percent of women say that they or any household member has followed a particular diet since 2014 with 20 percentage points in the previous year
  • 64 percent are paying more attention to nutrition, as they did two years ago – compared to only 53 percent in 2014
  • 53 percent say they are working to make Small, permanent changes Their meals, including:
    • 71 percent of women have been eating 14 percentage points more vegetables since 2014, while 66 percent of women have been eating 19 percentage points more fruit since 2014.
    • Half of the women are now adding salad to their diet, and 3 out of 5 also grow their own fruits and vegetables.
    • Where fruit and vegetable consumption is increasing, women are eating 33 percent less meat than before Occasional vegetarian food in 1 to 3 women / day.
    • 85 percent say they consider the health of a recipe before choosing it, and 50 percent have changed the recipe to be healthy.

Food Factor: The Evolution of Eats Was fielded in July 2016 And, in total, more than 2,000 responses were collected from respondents, American women ages 18+. The 126-question survey was divided into 11 sections, with each per respondent completing one to three sections based on the number of questions in each section. The margin of error is +/- 4.9 percent at a 95 percent confidence level based on a 400 per question basis, for a total retaliatory base of 2K it is +/- 2.2 percent.

This study is the fifth wave of modern trending research that continues the tradition of 20+ years Better Homes & Gardens The Food Trend Study provides insights into America’s food shopping, cooking, and serving habits.

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