Woodworking With Kids: Make A Pumpkin

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My son Oliver has been fascinated by my carpentry projects for years, but he has always resisted the idea of ​​building something of his own. I decided to take advantage of his love of Halloween to come up with a basic idea that he could make almost entirely himself: a pumpkin.

Part of Oliver’s reluctance was a strong dislike of loud noises. Preparing him with good ear protection and being careful with the tools I chose helped to overcome his previous problems. I also made him do only things he felt comfortable doing – there is a time and place to push new skills, but right now the focus was only on the beginning. I chose the circular saw because it is a great tool for beginners; it’s not particularly intimidating and the chances of injury are (relatively) low. It is also a tool that it can grow with and that we can use in subsequent projects, like a snowman during the winter holidays.

I tried to give it as much control as possible during the project. He chose the piece of wood, drew the pumpkin and painted the face himself. Even on the steps where I helped him, I made sure he was involved in some compactness. Follow below as he makes his first project.

Prepare the broth The more ownership you can give your child, the better. Here Oliver marks the line for the rough cut of our scrap piece.

Raw cut Oliver wasn’t quite ready to use the miter saw, but he was able to help me align the cut.

Design time It took a few tries to find a pumpkin shape that Oliver liked that wasn’t too small or prone to tip over.

Teamwork time I help Oliver with the more complex cuts and curves so that he can boost his confidence. The full range of safety devices is essential for children.

Solo time After a while he was happy to make the relief cuts himself. I outlined her pencil drawing with a marker so she could clearly see the outline we were cutting out.

Smooth Sand Having kids sanded by hand at first will make them appreciate an electric sander a lot more down the road.

Finish Oliver made me trace the face he created on the pumpkin with the marker, then colored it.

All done Look at that proud face!

Make it more adult I took advantage of the jigsaw being out to make some small pumpkins out of some cherry scraps I found.

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