Working on Woodworking in America

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One of our goals for this year is to relaunch woodworking in America. We are working on which flagship event of Popular Woodworking (Woodworking in America) will seem to go on. Although we are not 100% sure how the meeting / physical event will work in the coming years, we wanted to do more to bring together tool manufacturers, teachers, enthusiasts and carpenters of all kinds.

To this end, we are collecting stories from producers and creators across the country to share them online. We are also exploring other ideas around virtual meetings, offering small virtual lessons and book discussions. We also want to start sharing more workshop tours and questions and answers with leading carpenters. Our goal is to truly immerse ourselves in what the carpentry community in America looks like today and how it could be in the future.

The start of this initiative is interviewing carpenters from all 50 states. For the rest of the year we will present a couple of interviews every week.

Do you know anyone we should talk to? Do you want to share ideas on how to meet us virtually? What things do you want to see happen in the carpentry community? Feel free to comment below.

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