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Compact CNC with Pro functionality

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MSRP: $ 9,995 (4 × 2) $ 11,995 (4 × 4)

Inventables made a great deal of success with their affordable X-Carve and Easel software a few years ago, putting CNC routing within the reach of many home / hobby woodworkers. But their newest machine is firmly aimed at professional level users. X-Carve Pro was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of manufacturers who need industrial CNC machine features but still want ease of use and a small footprint.

X-Carve Pro is available in 4x2 and 4x4 configurations. One of the key points Inventables discovered in their design research process was that almost all users want the ability to work with 4x8 sheet material, but often only processes a small section of that sheet at a time. Hence, both machine sizes have a full, 4 working area under the gantry, which means that with a little support at the outlet, you can work on full-sized sheet metal items without breaking them first. Easel Pro’s tiling feature allows you to design the size you want and X-Carve Pro will work the design into smaller sections.

In addition to size, both models share the same gantry, brushless, air-cooled spindle and materials. The machine is sold as a complete package, with hardware and software configured to work immediately (it only takes a couple of hours to be up and running). Offers machining accuracy down to 0.001. The machine is designed to cut up to 25 times faster than the original X-Carve. Professional US-based support is available to minimize downtime, and the entire system is designed to support the most demanding business users. It’s the perfect machine for a new CNC user or someone looking to scale a business.

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