Your Kitchen Renovation Survival Guide

It’s easy to talk yourself out of a kitchen remodel. You might tell yourself that the cabinets and appliances, while certainly outdated, still work well enough. But is “functional” really all you should expect out of your kitchen? After all, kitchens are about much more than making food. In most homes, the kitchen is a space where family and friends snack and chat, the setting for more meals than the actual dining room. 

That’s all well and good, you might be thinking, but ultimately it comes back around to the question of time and money. Imagining the bills and headaches involved in the process is enough to make you want to delay the project. But when’s the last time you seriously looked into planning a kitchen remodel? If you partner up with Cabinets To Go, the kitchen of your dreams is a lot more accessible and affordable than you might think. Take a look at how they can help bring your vision to life—without blowing past your budget.

Step #1: Get Inspired

It’s okay if you don’t already know exactly what you want your kitchen to look like. It’s free to order a catalogue from Cabinets To Go, which includes updates on the latest trends and a look at new collections like Gracious Home Custom Cabinets. These collections include virtually unlimited options, allowing you to choose between straight-grain oak doors with raised panels, European style doors made from hickory and countless other cabinets featuring different colors, styles and textures.

In those catalogues, you can browse through the different types of beautiful and durable countertops and think about whether granite, quartz, butcher block or formica best reflects the overall aesthetic of your home. You’re welcome to do the same with the wide selection of engineered hardwood and waterproof flooring, but some of the smaller items can also make a big difference. 

The accessories available from Cabinets To Go present all sorts of opportunities to bring your style to the kitchen. Everything from spice racks and drawer dividers to roll out trash cans and Lazy Susans are a chance to elevate the space. For those accessories, looking at them in the catalogue or on the screen can give you an idea of how they would fit into your kitchen. 

With something as major as the floors or cabinets, however, you might want to see it in person before committing to the decision. That’s why Cabinets To Go offers the option to send samples to your home. You’ll be able to see how the different materials react to the unique light in your kitchen, and can gauge what kind of paint would best complement the materials. As you handle those samples and flip through the catalogue, all the backsplashes, faucets and other finishing touches will have your imagination running wild.  

Step #2: Set The Plan

It will come as no surprise that brainstorming is a little more fun than the actual planning for the renovation. The good news is that you won’t be left alone to work out all the details. Because Cabinets To Go offers a free design consultation, which includes 3D designs and exact pricing from an expert designer.  You’ll know precisely what you’ll be spending on cabinets, countertops, flooring, accessories, finishes, and installation. In essence, the Cabinets To Go design team will help you create your dream kitchen and ensure it fits within your budget.  

The whole philosophy at Cabinets To Go is to wow you for less, and providing you with the free expertise of a professional designer is one way they deliver on that promise. They also offer extremely competitive prices on premium countertops, cabinets, flooring, and finishes. In many cases, they’ll be able to help with the installation at a price and speed that few contractors can rival. Once you’ve done the math, you’ll probably see that dream kitchen coming closer to reality. 

Step #3: Get Exactly What You Want

Ultimately, no two kitchen renovations are exactly alike. People have different styles, some preferring a cozy cottage-core aesthetic while others want a more light and airy space. In addition to style and function, people also have different ideas about how they want to go about making their dream kitchen a reality. There are those who want to be involved in every step in the process, approving every little decision. Others just want to tell the designer about what they want in a kitchen, then let the professionals go off and work their magic. 

No matter your style and desired level of involvement, Cabinets To Go has the experience and expertise to give you precisely what you want. They design and sell more than 2,200 kitchens every month, so they know how to work in every kind of home and bring to life any aesthetic. No matter your taste, schedule, or lifestyle, you can be sure that they’ll provide expert guidance and ensure that no detail is overlooked. 

What’s stopping you from taking the first step to cooking in your dream kitchen? The consultation, design, and quotes are free so you have nothing to lose, only your dream kitchen to gain.  

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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