Zumper Announces Community Values

We launched Zumper almost 8 years ago with a mission to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel.

Although the principle of fairness has always been at the heart of our ethics, we have never formally established specific standards on how our community should work together. In these unprecedented times, more than ever before, we must ensure that members of our community can engage with one another in safety, respect and confidence.

With cutting edge improvements to Instarent Last week, Zumper created a safe and reliable place where landlords and tenants could come together to complete and sign their leases completely digitally without having to physically meet in person. As we continue to evolve at the pace to evolve the rental experience to meet new expectations, it has become clear that now is the time to lay the groundwork and articulate these principles clearly and from the start.

Our community values ​​represent three core beliefs about our platform:

  1. Understood. Zumper is designed for everyone. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance and a safe place to live. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination with regard to race, color, nationality, age, gender identity, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  2. Sure. Zumper is a platform where you can rent with confidence. Finding your next home or deciding to rent your property are big decisions, and we’re dedicated to providing a safe place for our community to do both.
  3. Respectful. At Zumper, we value honest, courteous and prompt communication between landlords and tenants. Renters have the right to know when they have (or haven’t) found their next home. And landlords deserve to know if they’ve found their next tenant.

We believe these values ​​will help us create an inclusive market where everyone feels safe, respected and empowered to rent with confidence while continuing to deliver on the promise to make renting a smoother experience. Over the next few months, you can expect to see additional deals on Zumper Online with these values.

CEO and co-founder

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Anthemos Georgiades

Anthemos Georgiades is the CEO of Zumper. Based in San Francisco, Anth leads the company on its mission to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel. Since 2012, Anth has taken Zumper to over 100 employees and has raised $ 90 million in venture capital for the company.

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