Zumper Announces Partnership with Matterport to Bring The Best in Class Technology to Virtual Renting

The future of rental is virtual. Renters and landlords agree that a fully digital experience is the fastest and safest way to rent during the COVID pandemic and beyond. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Matterport, the industry leader in 3D capture and spatial data.

Zumper and Matterport recently conducted a survey * to show the impact of virtual tours on landlord’s ability to rent their properties and tenants’ confidence in signing a lease. We found that:

For owners, 87% thought having a 3D virtual tour was a key rental factor of a property and 82% of those who advertised with a 3D presentation were able to rent their property entirely virtually.

For tenants, 95% would be more likely to rent a property with a 3D virtual visit on the advertisement site and 72% would rent an apartment invisible if there was an accurate, high resolution 3D virtual tour available.

With these stats in mind, Zumper and Matterport worked together to create the Virtual signature package, which provides the following for Zumper customers:

  • Virtual tour of the interior fittings **
  • Virtual tour of existing units
  • 2D schematic floor plans
  • High resolution photos

All those virtual media assets and advertising costs ⅓ of the price competitors and, more specifically, Zumper customers have the unique ability to freely share their Matterport content on any platform to advertise their property.

Ads with 3D and virtual tours now generate 300% more engagement and 10x more clicks than properties with standard images. Without a doubt, virtual tours have quickly become part of the future of rental.

Live a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour on Zumper here: https://www.zumper.com/apartment-buildings/p16936/club-at-copperleaf-by-cortland-houston-tx

For owners wishing to take full advantage of this new partnership, please visit https://signup.zumper.com/matterport.

For tenants, start your apartment search today and take advantage of these new virtual features and capabilities to find your next home.

* The survey was sent to tenants and owners from 7/8/2020 to 10/8/2020 and received over 2000 responses.

** Virtual tours include 3D dollhouses, floor plan and measure mode

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