Zumper first to modernize rental marketplace with in-app messaging

Zumper first to modernize rental marketplace with in-app messaging
Zumper’s new in-app messaging experience brings seamless communication and responsiveness to the rental experience

San Francisco, California (July 20, 2021) – Zumper, the third largest rental real estate platform in North America, today released an integrated messaging experience that connects tenants directly to rental partners. This industry-first feature, available only on Zumper, is a breakthrough for real estate, solving one of the industry’s biggest issues – lack of responsiveness. By introducing the ability to send and receive messages directly from the app, Zumper has shown that it improves communications response rates by 30%.

In today’s rental market, rental partners face a number of hurdles that make it difficult to respond to rental inquiries: the overwhelming amount of incoming inquiries from multiple platforms, the inability to filter and control easily potential tenants and the lack of effective tools to mitigate these challenges. As a result, tenant correspondence frequently falls through the cracks, causing frustration and inefficiency on both sides. Until today, this is a challenge that has been largely ignored by the rental industry as a whole.

“Lack of response is the biggest and most constant concern we hear from tenants. Truth be told, the rental market is plagued with communication challenges, ”said Shalin Amin, Zumper Experience Director. “Unanswered emails, lost requests and ghosting have created an endless cycle of disappointment for both renters and rental partners. And yet, no one in the industry has created a solution that adequately addresses these problems ”,

“At Zumper, our mission is to take the friction out of the rental experience. Our messaging feature was designed from the ground up with the sole aim of creating a responsive rental market that finally solves the communication challenge from the initial point of contact to submitting an application.

The messaging experience has a familiar chat-like interface, allowing tenants to store information and organize all rental conversations in one place and share application documents and rental documents. The one-of-a-kind feature was intentionally designed to help tenants manage the rental process, using alerts to notify tenants when it’s time to submit important information and documents (e.g. credit scores ). In addition, Zumper’s secure platform provides a secure place for the exchange of these sensitive documents, eliminating the risk factors associated with sharing them elsewhere.

The introduction of in-app messaging further demonstrates Zumper’s commitment to developing cutting-edge technology to eliminate hassles and provide a better experience for tenants and rental partners.

Starting today, messaging will be available on all Zumper web and mobile platforms. For more information, visit Zumper.com.

About Zumper: The third-largest and fastest growing rental platform in North America, Zumper supports more than 90 million people per year and helps one in three Americans find their next home. Zumper is on a mission to change the location forever. By making it easier, faster and more human, we are giving everyone the opportunity to make a fresh start.

Named one 2021 Best start-up employer by Forbes and a 2021 Best place to work and Company with the best advantages by BuiltIn SF, Zumper is headquartered in San Francisco with hubs in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Chicago, Miami and Providence. To date, Zumper has raised over $ 150 million from Kleiner Perkins, Goodwater Capital, Headline, Dawn Capital and Blackstone Group. Learn more at www.zumper.com or by email at press@zumper.com

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