Zumper hosts its first class of remote interns

Zumper hosts its first class of remote interns
Zumper hosts its first class of remote interns 6

This summer, Zumper hosted five design, engineering and sales interns.

With the shelter in place in order, the interns had the unique opportunity to work remotely. This year’s interns have come from across the country: New York, Florida, Nevada and California.

Remote working poses its own challenges, but Zumper made interns feel right at home with virtual happy hours, monthly CEO chats, and one-on-one mentoring from their ZBuddies.

So what does a distance internship at Zumper look like? Let’s hear from one of the trainees:

Zumper hosts its first class of remote interns
Zumper hosts its first class of remote interns 7

Last name: Emma

Title: Mobile engineer intern

Dream apartment: A quiet studio in Portland, OR with lots of natural light and quality speakers for my record player.

This summer, I worked with the Zumper mobile team to implement a new iOS integration flow, enable in-app Blueshift notifications for Android and iOS, and upgrade the Zumper and Padmapper apps to the latest iOS software. 13.

This internship marks my first time working in a startup, and I’ve already fallen in love with the startup ecosystem and the large share of product ownership granted to engineers here. When I started at Zumper, I had no experience with Android development, and already on the third day I was writing code in the Android codebase. In my second week, I attended Apple’s WWDC virtual conference to learn about new features in iOS 14. Once the conference was over, we immediately started planning how we were going to apply. these features to the Zumper app.

Zumper’s fast-paced and learning environment has made me a better engineer who learns quickly, prioritizes new features, and embraces the latest technology. I’m excited to take these skills to the next level as I pursue a career as an iOS engineer.

When I started the distance learning internship, I had no idea how I was going to socialize with colleagues on a computer screen. Over time, I’ve found creative ways to virtually connect with my team. One of the ways I bonded with the Zumper team was by sharing my favorite Spotify playlists on the #music Slack channel and exchanging songs with other music lovers. My manager also had gaming sessions every two weeks where we took a break from coding to play virtual board games. There’s never been a dull moment chatting with colleagues on Zoom chats or Slack channels, and I felt like part of the Zumper family without ever having met them in person.

My favorite part of the internship was our monthly Zoom intern with the CEO. It’s not every day that interns meet their CEOs, let alone have hour-long conversations with them. So I was delighted when Anth set aside time each month to speak candidly with us interns. We’ve talked about everything from life advice and venture capital to real estate trends. Zumper cares deeply about their interns, and their willingness to connect us with business leaders like Anth is proof of this.

My summer at Zumper was one for books. I grew so much during this internship, as did the Zumper product. Zumper is a force to be reckoned with and I’m so lucky to be a part of the Zumper family.

About Zumper

Zumper aims to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel. With over 15 million visits each month, Zumper’s free online and mobile rental search marketplace has grown into the largest startup in the industry. San Francisco-based Zumper has 200 employees across the United States and acquired PadMapper in 2016. The company has raised a total of $ 140 million in funding from investors such as e.ventures, Greycroft, Dawn Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Goodwater Capital, Axel Springer, Stereo Capital, The Blackstone Group, Breyer Capital, Foxhaven Asset Management, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, NEA, CrunchFund, xfund, Divco West, MMC Technology Ventures, Scott Cook and the DeWilde Family Trust. Learn more at Zumper.com.