Zumper’s 2020 Migration Report

Zumper’s very first migration report uses research data to analyze patterns and trends in the United States to see where tenants are most interested in moving and where tenants are most interested in moving out.

This interactive map offers filters for cities, direction of migration and month. The blue density bubbles represent the search volumes for each city. Users can refine their search based on one of these filters or a combination of these filters.

In terms of migration direction, here are the definitions of inbound and outbound searches:

Outgoing searches: Where people in the filtered city are looking to move

Incoming searches: Where are the people looking to move to the filtered city

This report covers trends encompassing data from January 2020 to May 2020.

In which cities do people want to move?

While most searches tend to occur within a metropolitan area of ​​a city, we looked at the cities with the most incoming searches from outside the metro * to show which areas had the most interest. tenants across the country.

With more than 40% of incoming searches coming from outside their respective metropolitan areas, Charlotte, Indianapolis and San Antonio were the main cities that tenants wanted to move so far this year. Raleigh tenants sent the most off-metro research to Charlotte, tenants from Chicago to Indianapolis, and residents from Austin to San Antonio.

The rest of this top 20 list included 3 additional Texas cities and 3 California cities, so it seems that these two states have generated the most interest from tenants outside the metro.

What cities are people trying to get out of?

We looked at the cities with the most outgoing searches that were off the metro * to find the areas that people were most interested in leaving so far this year.

With more than 70% of their total outbound research going elsewhere in the United States, Akron, Virginia Beach and Oklahoma City were the main cities where residents wanted to relocate. The most popular non-metro area for Akron tenants was the Detroit metro, while residents of Virginia Beach were looking for new homes in Birmingham, and tenants of Oklahoma City were most interested in the Dallas area. Fort Worth.

California Tendencies

Southern California cities interested in moving to Phoenix and Las Vegas & Vice Versa

Looking at the inbound and outbound searches for cities in southern California on the map, Phoenix and Las Vegas were the main recurring cities outside the state. There is a mutual migration relationship between these areas and perhaps from southern California, Phoenix and Las Vegas tend to be hot most of the year, tenants from these cities who wanted to move are looking for environments similarly temperate.

Bay Area Cities Mostly Want to Stay in State with 2 Exceptions

Meanwhile, for our Bay Area cities, while most inbound and outbound searches were done in California, the 2 exceptions were the metropolitan areas of Chicago and New York. It seems that if residents of the Bay Area were to leave California, they would be most interested in living in or around other major metropolitan areas.

Reno connects southern and northern California

Most of the incoming research off the metro to Reno came from cities in southern and northern California, particularly the subways of Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The interest of moving to Reno was a common thread of migration which linked this state.

Floridians don’t want to leave

In the 7 cities in Florida, the most frequent inbound searches were from other Florida subways, and almost all outbound searches, with the exception of Orlando, where Atlanta became the first outbound city, were also directed to other subways in Florida. Floridians love their condition and their research truly reflects that.

Remote locations: Alaska and Hawaii

While most searches for residents in Anchorage were done within the state, if these tenants were to move to the mainland, they would be most interested in Seattle. Meanwhile, Portland was the main out-of-state city looking to relocate to Anchorage, with 18% of incoming searches in Anchorage coming from Portland residents.

Las Vegas was the main out-of-state city to which Honolulu residents searched. However, it was not the same for incoming searches, as Los Angeles was the first out-of-state city for renters to move to Hawaii.

A wide variety of out-of-state searches to and from Texas

Among the dozen Texas cities covered in this migration report, some of the main recurring out-of-state cities that Texans wanted to move to were Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Albuquerque.

Meanwhile, tenants in Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Denver were the main out-of-state cities looking to move to Texas.

Majority of Midwestern cities migrate among themselves

Our Midwestern cities had a wide variety of metros for inbound and outbound searches, but the underlying theme was that the majority of out-of-state searches were to and from other Midwestern cities. For example, the main out-of-state city that Chicagoans wanted to move to was Indianapolis, with 6% of outbound searches directed to that location. Meanwhile, the main out-of-state cities seeking to move to Chicago were St. Louis and Kansas City.

However, there was a notable exception with Cleveland, as residents of this Ohio city had Tampa and Orlando account for 8% of the outgoing searches. Cleveland tenants seem to be interested in warmer weather.


Although this report presents highlights in some cities and states in the United States, it does not reflect all of the data points that the map covers. For anyone interested in learning trends and information for a specific city, the filters will be able to provide the best separate research data.


The results of this migration report were collected by analyzing data on the location of users when they used Zumper.com and the cities to which they sent messages between January 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020. Location was defined by the IP addresses from which users were searching. The results were collected at the city and metro level. The drop-down search bar includes the 100 most populous American cities.

* Incoming and outgoing searches for each city had a minimum threshold of searches required to appear in the first 20 lists to ensure that the cities represented were statistically significant. Any city that had less than the required amount was excluded from the first 20 lists.

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